At DNG Creedon Finn O’Connor, we provide two types of essential services for landlords and both are completely tax-deductible:

Our Property Management Service includes the following:

  • A 24-hour emergency phone line; this is available for all tenants in the event that they experience any issues at the property. To ensure that emergency cases are handled with speed and quality, DNG has a trusted group of reliable trades-people available on a 24-hour basis, when required. Detailed arrangements can be discussed with you with regard to prior approval and quotations for any required maintenance. Deductions for works are sourced from the rental income.
  • A detailed annual income/expenditure account statement for each property; statements can be requested at any time during the year and there is no limit to the number of statements we will provide.
  • Quarterly inspections; these will be carried out at each property and reports will be made if any faults are found and/or if it is found that mistreatment has taken place. DNG will manage all actions required to resolve any issue.
  • Rental income monitoring; under our Management Service, rental income for each property is monitored and we are alerted to late rents. Late rents are aggressively pursued from the tenants and a report is made directly back to the landlord.
  • Final inspections; at the end of each tenancy, a final inspection is carried out to ensure that the tenants return the property to its original, lettable condition. If required, deductions will be made from the tenant’s security deposits.(Note: this is for any issues that require remedy other than wear and tear, as per the Residential Tenancies Act 2004 and its amendments).
  • Comprehensive Inventories; for greater property protection, a detailed and comprehensive inventory can be drawn up. This is an additional service we offer and incurs an additional cost. If required, the inventory may be included in the lease.
  • Marketing and advertising of the property
  • Sourcing of quality tenants
  • Comprehensive screening of potential tenants
  • Reference checks and previous landlord reference checks
  • Implementation of tenancy contracts
  • Advisory service

Our Letting Only Service includes the following:

  • Marketing and advertising of the property
  • Sourcing of quality tenants
  • Comprehensive screening of potential tenants
  • Reference checks and previous landlord reference checks
  • Implementation of tenancy contracts
  • Advisory service

Our Service Process

Our focus at DNG Creedon Finn O’Connor is to ensure speed and professionalism when sourcing, vetting and placing tenants in your property, thereby minimising void periods, ensuring continuous cash-flow and keeping rent levels at a maximum market value.

Stage 1: Property Valuation

  • We will discuss the current letting market conditions with you
  • We perform a free, accurate and realistic valuation of the property
  • We recommend a lead time of 5-6 weeks to ensure the minimum vacant period

Stage 2: Defining your Requirements

  • Professional fees are agreed in advance and will depend on the level of service you wish us to provide (i.e. whether a Property Management Service or a Letting Only Service)

Stage 3: Ensuring positive viewings

  • It is important to make a good first impression and the standards in today’s rental market are extremely high
  • If the property is occupied, you must inform your Tenants of the possibility of viewings and should impress upon them the importance of maintaining the property in a presentable condition
  • We will provide personalised recommendations to correct any presentation shortcomings at the property
  • We will instruct and oversee our trusted contractors to address any required works

Stage 4: Property Promotion

  • DNG Creedon Finn O’Connor will develop a tailored marketing package for your property that includes a same-day listing on the top property websites
  • Properties are advertised both online and in our highly accessible Douglas offices windows
  • We have a live database of tenants currently searching for properties in all areas
  • We have a longstanding working relationship with large corporations who are seeking to relocate their professional employees

Stage 5: Securing you an income

  • We source and screen all tenants and will provide you with a shortlist of the most desirable tenants for your consideration
  • Binding lease agreements are signed. Most agreements are for a 12 month fixed term
  • A security deposit to the value of one month’s rent is secured
  • One month’s rent is secured and rent continues to be paid to you, in advance
  • Standing orders for the rents are put in place
  • Utility readings are taken and the accounts are transferred to the tenants(if you avail of our Management Service)
  • A comprehensive inventory of the contents and condition of the property can be drawn up, if required

Stage 6: Advisory Service on your Legal Obligations

  • We will advise you on all aspects of your legal requirements as a landlord, including:
  • (i) Private Residential Tenancies Board (PRTB)
  • (ii) Non-Principal Private Residence levy (NPPR)
  • (iii) Building Energy Rating (BER) Certificates
  • (iv) Tax implications

Stage 7: The Perfect Ending

  • Your new tenants will be provided with keys to the property
  • Congratulations! Your property is now let to your exacting requirements

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