The success rate of DNG Creedon Finn O’Connor’s auctions currently stands at some 96%. It’s a success rate that hasn’t been achieved by any kind of accident or good fortune, but by a focused working philosophy that everyone in our office is fully in tune with: when we are given a property to sell, we do everything in our power to sell it; if there’s a problem to be sorted, we will stay in constant communication until it is resolved.
We’re part of the DNG Group – one of Ireland’s leading property groups, of which there are almost 70 offices. We know the Irish property market inside out and we are working with DNG agents throughout the country who have local knowledge on the ground. In essence, we are operating on a global platform but we have local knowledge and precise expertise that is second to none: a company that has learned everything the old traditional way and applied all of those years of experience while we have evolved into a leading online auctioneer.

Global Reach

The great thing about our system is that you can sell your property from any point on the planet and you can buy the property from any point on the planet.
Interested buyers from anywhere in the world can log on and register their interest in your property from the comfort of their home, office or wherever they happen to be. They can choose to buy using a tablet, a mobile phone or a laptop, and an increasing number of clients are using mobile devices.
By putting your property up for sale with DNG Creedon Finn O’Connor’s online auctions, you are availing of high-level expertise and exposing your property to a local market, a national market and to a global market in an era when Irish property is attracting more and more interest from overseas investors.
In all cases, a multitude of viewings will be carried out on the property, allowing interested parties and representatives of interested parties to view the property.


Everything about the entire process is clear and visible and we are regulated by the Property Services Regulatory Authority (PRSA). We have been conducting auctions since 2014 and the process has been refined to a smooth-running and fully transparent procedure. All the bids are posted up in real time and you can see who is bidding against you, how much they bid and when they make their bid.

Another very important point to remember in terms of transparency of the process is that, unlike the situation with a normal Private Treaty sale, you know exactly what you’re bidding on before the bidding begins. This is because of the steps of viewing and due diligence that are taken before the attempt to purchase. In a Private Treaty sale, you are typically bidding on a property that you assume to be fully in order but if there are unforeseen problems with the title and/or structure, they may delay or entirely disrupt the process. The auction bidding scenario is the most up-front process because you are bidding on something you know, not on something you assume you know.


We’re based in Douglas, Cork city. The Managing Director Michael Creedon has been trading since 2007 under DNG Creedon Finn O’Connor Auctioneers. His continued success and that of the company has been down to a thoroughly professional approach in work practice and interaction with vendors and purchasers. This, in an era when the Irish property industry is well regulated by the PRSA.

DNG is one of Ireland’s leading property groups and has been a permanent fixture on the Irish property landscape for over 25 years. Through these decades, it has evolved with the times while remaining focused on providing the best level of service for its customers and clients. Staying at the forefront in the internet era has been second nature to the company for some time.

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